Your College Essay (Personal Statement)

Personal Statement

One of your major projects this year will be a college essay. You will complete a personal statement in response to one of the following prompts. No need to panic. We will be working on it together to put out your best product. Throughout the year, you will learn strategies to help you achieve this goal.

Writing Sample Topics:

Choose one of the topics below. What have you done that you previously didn’t think you could do?

  1. What is underrated about you? (What is little known about you that should get more attention? What don’t you get enough credit for?)

  2. What do you wish someone would make you do?

  3. What was the hardest thing you’ve had to do that also yielded a huge benefit?

  4. Do you prefer to learn by explanation, observation, or application?

  5. What’s great about you that someone else realized before you did?

  6. What do you most look forward to about growing up?

  7. Who told you so, but you never listened, and then you had to find out for yourself?

  8. What are you good at that you wish you could teach everyone?

  9. What is the most recent “life lesson” that you’ve learned?

  10. What small thing haven’t you done yet that will definitely change things for the better?

  11. What traits in your favorite people make you feel that everyone should be that way?

Six-Word Memoirs

Earnest Hemmingway once faced a very difficult writing challenge. He was challenged to write a six-word novel.

He wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Quite a bit can be said with only six words. Our challenge is to write  a six-word memoir. Here is how.

Write your Six-Word Memoir, in fact, write several and see which works the best for you.

*Here’s a way to connect it to your College Essay assignment, especially if you’re having difficulty starting. Start by answering your essay question with just six words. Expand from there. Think of Hemmiway’s six-word novel. How much more is there to this story? Couldn’t he actually use those six words to complete a full novel? There is more to your story too.